!! Some *Observations* !!

Traders look at *Price,*
Investors look at *Value..*

Traders watch *CNBC,*
Investors *Read Books..*

Traders Watch Minutely *Charts,*
Investors chill out on *Beaches..*

Traders make *Brokers* Rich,
Investors make *themselves* Rich..

Traders *Book Profits,*
Investors *Book Losses..*

Traders *average* on *Downside,*
Investors average on *Upside..*

Traders look at *10%* Profit,
Investors look at *10x* Profits..

Trading is a *Maths,*
Investing is an *Art..*

Traders ride on *Tips,*
Investors ride on *Research..*

Traders are always in *Hurry,*
Investors are always *Cool..*

Perfect trading is Impossible.

The best traders know how to deal with failure and constant mistakes. These are the daily shortcomings, problems, doubts and mental upsets that traders have to deal with:

🔹You always wish that you risked more when you’re in a winning trade.

🔹When you’re in a losing trade, you could have used a smaller position.

🔹You will never catch the absolute high or low and always miss some parts of the move.

🔹Your exit is mostly too early and you miss profits.

🔹You should have cut the losing trade earlier to reduce the loss.

🔹If you had moved your Stop Loss not that aggressively, you would still be in this trade.

🔹If news would have been a little different, you could have made much more money.

🔹If you would have used a different indicator, you would have gotten a better signal.

🔹On a different timeframe, you could have gotten a better trade and made more money.

Happy Investing…..
Happy safe trading too…

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