This Small Cap Company is a Niche Player in Bimetal Industry is a Strong MultiBagger Candidate in Post COVID-19 Universe

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In the midst of the unpredictability in business sectors, we have investigated some small-caps. While all little isn’t delightful, all small caps need not be disregarded because of a helpless conclusion. However, financial specialists got the opportunity to apply fundamentals channels cautiously. The financials likewise back the story. The organization never witnessed losses in any of the most recent 17 years of its history and kept up a normal of around 11-13 percent operating margin.

The tiny chips manufacturer, circuit or a little controller that we regularly observe on any of the electronic apparatus requires joining a few materials produced using metals like copper and others. Also, Shivalik Bimetal Controls (SBCL), which is obliging this industry since 1984, is all around set to exploit a huge rise in demand. Shivalik has some expertise in joining materials and has been a predominant player in this space providing its items to customers across areas, for example, gadgets, car, and home machines.

It as started by SS Sandhu and NS Ghumman and officially established in 1984, the organization trades its items to more than 50 nations around the globe.

Shivalik takes into account a wide range of utilizations, including switchgear, power energy meters, mechanical use, electrical applications, other than car and electronic gadgets. Its income development is subject to electrical, gadgets, and automotive Industries.

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Shivalik Bimetal Controls (Shivalik) is occupied with the production of bimetals and shunt resistors. The organization is driven by technocrat founders, who are viewed as one of the pioneers in the bimetal business. Shivalik has created shunt resistors, which are utilized in the battery management system (BMS) of electric vehicles. At present, there is constrained rivalry for the shunt resistor utilized in BMS as hardly any players make it. The organization has a built-up relationship with one of the huge semiconductor organizations based out of the United States and it has been probably the greatest client.

The organization likewise has significant specialized affirmations required for providing such items that discover use in-vehicle applications. The shunt resistors discover use in shrewd meters that are utilized by power conveyance organizations. With expanding robotization of vehicles, the utilization of shunt resistors is required to increment.

The organization has not many joint endeavors like Checon Shivalik Contact Solutions (Inlay producing office with Checon Corporation as equivalent Joint Venture Partner) and Innovative Clad Solutions (world-class fabricating office in the field of clad metal with Aperam Group as a significant accomplice).

The greater part of the organization’s crude material is nickel-based combinations and different composites. A huge amount of information prerequisite is imported, which brings about info value unpredictability dangers. The organization, be that as it may, mitigates the same by having to go into contracts with clients, who accommodate going of any info cost change. Further, more than 50 percent of trades fill in as common support against swapping scale development on crude material expense.

Steady endeavors to improve new items and parsimonious income the board remunerated the organization. New shunt created by the organization discovered its use in the battery the executive’s framework for electrical vehicles and that brought about an improved portion of a shunt in all-out income.

The administration is additionally wandering into specialty applications like over-burden protection and thermostatic Bimetals of different home apparatuses through strategic Joint Ventures. It has additionally declared CAPEX plan for assembling assorted items developing interest of existing items and new items with applications in more up to date handles like smart modern meters and home apparatuses.

A Quality Little Company yet a Dominant Niche Player

While it’s little and working in a specialty portion, the organization appreciates initiative and faces little rivalry. Shivalik has the main situation in the bimetal division attributable to specialized mastery, coordinated computerized creation offices, and a wide scope of items. SBCL has low rivalry in the domestic Indian market as different players in the local market have constrained specialized ability and creation capacities.

The financials additionally back the story. The organization never announced misfortunes in any of the most recent 17 years of its history and kept up a normal 12 percent working edge.

Long Horizon Growth Drivers

Make in India, digitalization, indigenization of safeguard electric obtainments, development of smart meg cities, mechanical recuperation, sun-powered panels, of towns, the advancement of electric vehicles, railroads modernization, and affordable housing for all are a portion of the mainstream development drivers of the business.

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Bimetals are for the most part utilized in circuit breakers, trippers, electronic cautions, alarm, and so on. The organization is among the biggest bimetal players on the planet. The key thing in both shunt resistors and bimetals is not out of the ordinary by a set up client, which likewise goes about as a section hindrance.

By virtue of expanding interest for shunt resistors, the administration has begun chipping away at a CAPEX plan to significantly increase its ability in both the bimetal and shunt resistor space.

Subsequent to demonstrating a solid development in FY19, the force has been kept up in Q1 FY20. Valuation also coax long term investors’ consideration.

Quality of the Company Financials

The organization has been traditionalist with almost no dependence on debts (recorded normal of 0.8 times). In the course of the most recent three years the organization has contributed intensely with the gross repaired resources moving from Rs 38 crore in FY14 to Rs 73 crore in FY17. In this period, the obligation has really fallen on a flat out premise. With the current obligation to value of 0.5 times with the intrigue inclusion proportion of 5.4 times, the organization is very much positioned to use the up-cycle.

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Overseas Export Domination

A portion of these activities has begun to pay off with the organization currently having a nearness in 40 overseas markets. Exports, which represent 46 percent of the all-out income of the organization developed by 50 percent in FY20. In view of a spray-in trades, the organization announced a 34 percent expansion in independent deals in Q1FY20.


While a portion of the advantages of past endeavors is as of now obvious, development in the coming years could be generally better because of cost decrease benefits, item augmentation, a late extension of limits, openings in the international markets, and conceivable recovery in the local Indian investment cycle. In the meantime, at the market capitalization of Rs 139 crore (cost of Rs 36 a share), the stock is exchanging at around 10 times annualized independent profit of FY20, which may not be modest yet considering to accumulate this stock on deep correction of around 20 percent in parts for a long term horizon of 5 years and target of 300 rupees.

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