JPMorgan adds BHARAT (NEW INDIA) in Emerging Market Bond Index, Will Trigger Inflows upto 50 Billions Dollars into the World’s Fifth Largest Economy

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JP Morgan Chase and Company includes Indian government bonds in the market’s bond index

JPM includes Indian bond | 7.18%, 2033 government bond yield charts 7.08% y/y yesterday 09/21/2023 7.1%.

This is exciting news! JP Morgan’s decision to include Indian bonds in its emerging market debt index from June 2023,is a major development that could boost the country’s economy and financial markets. This reflects growing confidence in India’s economic prospects and attractiveness to international investors.

A truly remarkable development in the Indian financial market. A positive signal for India’s economic growth and stability.

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This change reflects the growing position of the country in the global financial world.
22/09/2023 JPMorgan’s decision to include Indian sovereign bonds in the EM debt index will benefit these sectors, markets and economies.

JP Morgan’s move marks a new era of India becoming part of the global investment environment and is a step towards the globalization of the Indian financial sector.

Dedication Expect massive wealth to flow into Bharat (NEW INDIA).

JP Morgan’s decision to include Indian bonds in its emerging market debt index is an important vote of confidence for the Indian economy. It is expected to attract billions of dollars to the country, encouraging further economic growth.

India’s economy is growing rapidly.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India will grow by 7 percent in 2023, making it the fastest growing largest economy in the world.

India’s economic growth is driven by many factors such as:

  1. Large and growing domestic market.
  2. Young and educated workforce.
  3. Increasing foreign investment.
  4. Government reforms to improve the business environment.

Indian bonds could gain $25-50 billion from inclusion in JPMorgan’s EM index. IGBs will be included for a 10-month phase-in period starting on 28/06/2023 and ending on 31/03/2025, including a weighting of 1% per month. Good news from a currency perspective.

The inclusion of Indian bonds in the JPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt Index has several advantages:
Increase in foreign investment: Inclusion of Indian bonds in the index will attract billions of dollars of foreign investment to India. This will help boost the Indian economy and create jobs.
Lower Borrowing Costs: The increase in foreign investment also results in lower borrowing costs for the Indian government and companies. It facilitates financing of government development projects and corporate investment in new projects.

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Higher liquidity: Inclusion of Indian bonds in the index makes them more liquid, meaning they are easier to buy and sell. This makes Indian bonds more attractive to investors.

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